A space themed platformer created for the BlackThornProd game jam where player's will need to traverse planets by collecting fuel to escape the approaching sun. On behalf of my friend David we'd like to thank you for playing our first game jam submission, I hope you enjoy your  experience. Also any feedback is greatly appreciated, we really want to push this project further by ironing out any bugs and adding new content.

Note: The entire 2D assets in the game were created by myself and David. The Music was created by my Cousin (For BlackThornProd). 

Please play in full-screen mode.


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Hi buddy, I was trying to game for a while but I couldn't advance past the first star - I collect all the fuel, and not spend it until the last jump, and then I just press on the jump until  my fuel depletes, but I didn't get to the next planet. What am I doing wrong?

Hey guy so sorry you're experiencing bugs with the game. Once you've collected all the fuel on the first planet head to the highest platform with the arrow sign and hold down the space bar to use all of the green fuel. Then by keeping the space bar held as you enter outer space you should continuously move to the next planet. By doing so the blue fuel should deplete as you're moving through outer space.

Nice Game! How does one use the fuel station??

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Hi Higingotham Game Studios, so happy you liked the game. The purpose of the fuel station was to respawn the blue fuel items if the player gets stranded on a planet, but manages to use all their red fuel. Sorry for it not being very clear in the game, was merely put there just in case the player breaks the game.